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Dance classes for beginners near me


  1. What do "Dance Passes" mean?


Single class pass: You can attend one class per week only, four classes in four weeks in total. This class must be selected at the start of term. If you can't attend a particular night out of the four weeks, you can make any class up of your choice through the term. No transfers to the next term.


Two class pass: You can attend two classes per week, 8 classes in 4 weeks in total, either spread out or in one night. These classes must be selected at the start of the term. If you can't make a particular class as booked, you can make this class up through the current term. No transfers to the next term.


Couple's pass: This pass is for couples (as defined). The couple's pass is valid for one class per week for two people dancing together. If you miss a class, you can make the class up during the current term. A couples is defined as a lead and a follow, and the lead must lead the entire four weeks. No transfers to the next term.


Studio Pass: This pass is valid for twelve classes however limited by your capabilities. If you have not danced before, then you need only attend beginner classes. If you have danced with us before, you can attend intermediate classes over the term. To attend advance classes, you must have danced with us or any other school for 8-12 months. This pass is valid for 30 Days term only. No extensions. No transfers to the next term. 


Upgrades: Upgrades or add-on passes are available for everyone. Please see Ely at the studio or SMS to (954) 909-9525.

REFUND not available


    2. How can I join the ELY DANCE STUDIO Facebook Group?


We LOVE taking photos of our classes, and we also LOVE to post our photos on our Facebook Group. We never tag anyone and our photos are usually long shots. So, if you'd like to see what we are up to during our classes, look for us on Facebook. You just need to join ELY DANCE STUDIO group (we don't need to be friends on Facebook for you to be a member of our group). 


    3. How is Ely Dance Studio taking safety precautions with COVID-19?

At this time, there are not restrictions on dance other than the following. Please read carefully:


*We will have hand sanitizer for you to use.

*There is a waiting area for everyone to wait beforehand

To ensure the safety of everyone:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your class

  • If you are attending more than one class per night, you must sanitize before attending the next class

  • Not feeling well? Please stay home!


    4. How can I text Ely Dance Studio?

Please feel free to message us at (954) 909-9525. Note-As we have a lot of students/members, please be sure to put your name at the end of your text. This will make it so much easier to identify you quickly. Thank you in advance!


    5. What else should I know to get the most out of my experience?


*Please try not to be late at class as we don't want you missing out on the good stuff!

*Check timetable to ensure you keep to time and remember you can only attend the class(es) you are booked for. 

*If you are just starting out in our beginner classes, you can only attend beginner classes.

*If you have danced before and have booked intermediate/advanced classes, please try not to be late.

*Please do not be encouraged by other students to join a class that is above your current level

*If you would like to trial an intermediate or advanced class, please let us know. 

*In order to learn quickly, you need to give your classes your full attention.


Not sure? Ask Ely or any of the other instructors for help.


*Remember, if you are treated badly or disrespectfully, please talk to Ely who will get to the bottom of whatever is happening. We have never had an issue with this as everyone becomes strong friends and part of the family.


*Lastly... ENJOY your dancing journey. We know you will!

Contact the studio with any other questions or to make an inquiry!

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