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Salsa means "sauce" in Spanish, and in this case the sauce can be hot and spicy!  The step rhythm is quick, quick, slow, or one-beat, one-beat, two-beats, or step, step, step, hold. Salsa timing is often known as "New York style." The most common Salsa dancing is called “Modern Mambo.”


Merengue is sometimes called the national dance of the Dominican Republic and is one of the simplest Latin dances to learn. The emphasis is on simplicity in step patterns rather than drama and style. The basic steps are to the side with the partners holding each other in closed dance position. When turns are used, Merengue's turns are casual walking steps rather than the spin turns seen in Salsa. 


Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic. Bachata music has four beats per measure. The dancer takes three steps to four beats of music. As with Salsa, the step timing is three steps and then a one-beat pause. The knees are flexed on the steps. Given its humble origins, the steps are flat footed. The timing if called out sounds like "one, two, three, uh; one, two, three, uh." 

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Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. Hip-hop dance is a broad category that includes a variety of styles. New style hip-hop is very rhythmic and involves a lot of footwork and radial movement of the hips. 


Ballet is an artistic, graceful dance. It is often used to convey a story, theme, or atmosphere. No matter your level, we encourage you to give it a try!

Ballet Shoes
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Group lessons offer an affordable way to learn, have fun, and meet new people! Ely Dance Studio has days of the week reserved for group class instruction at convenient times to meet anyone's busy schedule.   


If you are ready to add some exciting styling moves to your Salsa dance, then this is the class to take!  You will learn advanced twists, kicks, and foot styling that will make you shine on the dance floor!

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We offer a variety of private lessons to fit your needs! It is necessary to request the times that are currently available and choose the time that accommodates your schedule.


Do you need to learn some dance steps for a wedding? Do you want to have dance entertainment for a Sweet 16 or other special event? We can customize special dances for individuals or groups. We can also perform at events with other professionally trained dancers. Each event is custom choreographed for your event to make it special and unique.   

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It's never too early to learn how to dance! Babies in Motion is offered all year around for children 3 to 6 years old. Each 1 hour - weekly session of this bilingual program will feature dance instruction, music, recital and much more.

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